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Custom Website Development – what is about?

Written byAuthor avatar alex, founder & web Developer at Roud
A good web-design must have good web-developers there are no two ways about that.

What is custom web development?

Custom web development is tailor-made for your brand, product or company, they are specially created for your target audience giving you an extra edge from your rivals.

Features such as layouts, fonts, and colors are developed to enhance your online brand. Using the same list of templates will make your site look basic and flat as there will be plenty of websites the same as yours. The website is the face of the business, and ultimately it’s the expandability, compatibility, loading time, and features that will determine your profitability and long-term success on the internet.

Top 5 reasons why you need a custom web development

While most of the web developers adore WordPress, it’s not suitable or compatible in every situation. It relies upon marketing goals, vision, ideas and finally strategy solution. However, if a functionality requirement extends beyond the capabilities of WordPress, we search and often explore custom-developed solutions.

  1. Unique Look That Matches with the Brand

For the majority of the overall population – including our customers – the procedure of “website design” essentially comes down to drawing a webpage that looks phenomenal, and afterward transferring it to the Internet.

That’s the end product, but for most of us, we ignore another crucial process: web development, an important aspect where business ideas are transformed into reality.

It’s always important to be keen when choosing a team, don’t settle for less, be methodical and detailed especially when it comes to crucial aspects like the implementation of new features, testing for stability and compatibility across different browsers. Even the best ideas are useless if they don’t perform as intended.

  1. Flexible and User-Friendly

Custom web development provides a user-friendly approach to your clients, during the development phase can scale the entire process and make appropriate changes according to your business needs.

The website can also be customized periodically whenever it’s required. For templates website, they don’t have a customization option as it has lots of unnecessary codes that it’s impossible to edit.

  1. Fast loading

Website load time is crucial for your business; it’s the difference between landing and losing a client. Custom building your site allows you to eliminate unnecessary bloatware and functionality, allowing your site to optimize both the functionality and design for these functions reducing load times and make your website load fast.

  1. The advanced scope of Creativity

Custom building your website allows you to experiment (be creative) and accommodate features that gives you a unique identity and enable you to gain more control and independence over navigation.

  1. Easy third party integration

Re-inventing your website is a bit expensive, when developing customized websites, it allows you to integrate well established easily and safer third-party APIs that’s beneficial not only cutting down the overall development cost but also incorporating existing systems and sites that your clients have been using such as Google Maps, Salesforce, Authorize.net, and various social apps.

Custom front-end

Front-end web development refers to the coding of the front end of a website; it’s the functional elements that users interact with and see such as slide-out menus and image carousels. These components are content cornerstone is they are well thought-out and built.

Our front end development toolkit is powered by the latest technologies making them reliable and stable. We also use customized components that are easy to maintain and expand on.

We provide bespoke web designs that look good with fast, smooth and intuitive navigation comes as guaranteed component of our front-end programming services.

We will also ensure that your users get to their goal quickly by mapping out natural navigation flow that they may need. Your final product will load faster, look fantastic and work without hitches.

Custom backend

The back-end of a website is a series of complicated codes that never seen but control the whole show. It’s the essential component that allows our Microsoft Certified Developers process form data, tap into databases and so much more.

It’s the driving force behind your website, almost all of the new sites require some form of custom back-end web programming, the customization supports the integration of in-house data, add dynamic data, maintain your data in sync, flexibility, and the addition of dynamic content.

In line with everything we do, our web solutions are specifically tailored to your specific requirements and needs. No project is impossible for us; we can build your vision and ideas.

We provide efficient solutions with high-load performance systems and enhanced stability. We also focus on well-documented and clean code that complies with standards of programming languages.

Custom E-commerce

custom web development

Who doesn’t use Shopify? Nobody right! For small businesses, Shopify is the right decision. It’s user-friendly and cost-effective. For those driven by the growth of their e-commerce business, you will need to add custom solutions for your online store.

The online market has grown tremendously over the past couple of years; everything can be ordered online by just a click of a button. E-commerce custom solutions will offer scalability, flexibility and greater control of your business

Advanced e-commerce solutions will allow you to capture a greater share of online revenue while at the same time integrating your existing product or database. We provide e-commerce custom solutions that are directly integrated into our content management systems that will make managing your online store efficient and secure.

Having a good web design is important but web development will make or break your business.

For small business owners, custom solutions will provide a comprehensive online shopping cart system and integrated product catalog tool that is preconfigured for more straightforward implementation. The website will be customized to your brand identity allowing it to be optimized by most search engines boosting your website rankings.

Article Updated: 29 March 2023