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CAN Europe

CAN Europe - Developing an interactive widget for 2024 EU Parliament Scoreboard

CAN Europe
Svelte Kit
Brussels, Belgium
10,000 EUR to 15,000 EUR
2 months

Recently completed comprehensive research by five prominent climate and environmental organisations (Climate Action Network Europe, European Environmental Bureau, BirdLife Europe, Transport & Environment and WWF European Policy Office) indicates that a minority of MEPs from 2019 to 2024 prioritised safeguarding Europe's climate, nature, and air quality.

Our team developed an interactive scoreboard to showcase data from the research across different websites.

We were excited when we heard that our team will be collaborating with CAN Europe organisation to develop an interactive web tool to display MEPs' voting records in the European Parliament from 2019 to 2024 on climate, environment, and nature-related legislation.

The tool is prioritising user interface and, according to CAN Europe's brand guidelines for accessibility and ease of use. Users will be able to explore MEPs' stances at both EU Parliament and national levels, organised by legislative file and policy area. Additionally, we will create complementary communication assets such as visual elements and non-interactive report designs.

scoreboard widget development
We begun by conceptualising and designing the widget to ensure it meets the requirements and aligns with scoreboard brand identity. This phase involved to create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to visualise the widget's layout, features, and overall look and feel.

We make sure that the widget works great across different platforms on any device.

scoreboard widget development
scoreboard widget development
development and data storage
Our team focused on developing a customisable widget, integrating design elements and functionalities outlined in the design phase. This involved implementing interactive features, data visualisation tools, and user-friendly interfaces to elevate user experience.

For data storage, we have established a JSON file system to efficiently store the required data, ensuring streamlined management and accessibility for the widget.

Moreover, we did an implementation of multilingual functionality within the widget, enabling organisations to present content in their preferred language, thus enhancing inclusivity and accessibility across diverse audiences.

style customisation
To make sure each organisation can add widget to their page within their brand guidelines, we have developed a style customisation page for the widget. This page will serve as a platform for different organisations to personalise the widget to their brand guidelines. We have designed an intuitive interface featuring options for adjusting colours, fonts, and other visual elements.
scoreboard widget development
scoreboard widget development
scoreboard widget development
visual assets
In addition to the web tool development, we will also create supplementary communication assets, such as visual elements and non-interactive report designs. These assets are complementing the functionality of the web tool, enhancing the overall user experience and providing support for the dissemination of information.
scoreboard widget development
scoreboard widget development
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