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Goals You Can Achieve with a Website Redesign

Written byAuthor avatar alex, founder & Designer at Roud
A good website used to be equatable with security. It held all of the critical contact information for your business. Now, that’s nowhere near enough.

Online consumers are looking for updated, dynamic sites that connect them with the company, educate them on the matter at hand, and motivate them to become a customer.

Websites are arguably the most critical asset for a business to have today. But just having a website doesn’t offer many benefits unless the site design works for you and grows with your brand, naturally.

If your business’ online site is struggling, or you’re not getting the results you’d like to see, consider a website redesign. There are many significant benefits that you can reap from this kind of investment, including SEO optimisation, lead conversion, reputation building, and boosted mobile presence.

Some of the top business goals you can reach with a website overhaul include:

  • Building your brand awareness
  • Sharpening your search engine optimisation (for people, and the robots)
  • Growing a reputation as an industry leader by educating, informing, inspiring, and motivating site visitors
  • Converting more visitors into leads and leads into customers
  • Up-selling new buyers and nurturing past buyers
  • Getting to know your audience market better
  • Boosting your mobile presence
  • Rebranding your company or offerings

Build Awareness

A website is an excellent way to maintain a strong position in your industry. Your website is a home for your leadership thoughts, your brand story, your mission, your product information, and past customer reviews – to name a few.

By filling out your new website to the brim with content marketing and relevant copy, you can reframe how others perceive you. Then, you can grow that awareness by taking your website content and cross-publishing on social media platforms, news outlets, and third-party blogs.

By sharing this content, you can earn backlinks that take visitors to your site, which in turn increases your site traffic. You also can expand your brand awareness beyond your market and cross into other markets, where you have the opportunity to make new, fresh impressions.

Finally, a website redesign lets you create opportunities to engage in conversation with other thought leaders, potential customers, and interested parties. The more talk there is about your business, the more you’ll be able to control the narrative.

Sharpen SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a critical component of a high-functioning and valuable website. If SEO principles are not at the heart of your website, you’re probably suffering without even realising it.

Incorporating good SEO into a new website development attracts more of the right traffic. However, there are two levels to SEO that you need to consider in the design. As we like to put it, these are the human level and the robot level.

The human level of SEO means using popular search terms within your content, the kind of keywords that real, human users are searching. But it’s not enough merely to have the same keywords.

If you want to appeal to a real, human audience, you also need content that states clearly and concisely who you are and what you do. This content crafted for real readers will help retain visitors on your website and motivate them to click on your link from the Google search engine results page.

The robot level of SEO means you must also remember Google’s crawlers. Crawlers are complicated algorithms that rank your site on the results pages. These algorithms will consume your website’s content and rate it.

Search engine robots appreciate clean code, lots of internal links, unique content, and a strong layout. Featuring all of these during your website redesign will help raise your ranking.

Gain Leadership Traction

Are you driven to become a leader in your industry? Changing the content and layout of your website can make that happen.

A stunning, well-designed website makes an impression and boosts your company’s reputation. A thoughtfully developed user interface with sharp design elements makes all the difference here.

When a visitor sees that the new site also includes an archive of resources like blog posts and white papers, they’ll think of your company as one that goes the extra mile. Your website can be the home-base for your communications and put you in a great position of influence.

You can educate and inform your reader through a specific company voice, which helps to control the brand narrative. You’ll also offer an essential resource for readers to turn to time and again when they find themselves in need of your services down the road.

Convert Leads

When your website redesign is working as it should, it can become a well-oiled sales machine. Ideally, you have already set up your website to convert visitors into prospects. It should convert prospects into leads and leads into customers – and the cycle continues.

If you’re not experiencing a steady flow of conversions, with leads or potential customers coming to your website, you’re missing out on a significant channel for sales.

A good website can do the “selling” for you through inbound marketing. It can prompt a customer who’s shown interest in a particular blog post to subscribe to your mailing list. Or, it can help customers with items already in their cart find more relevant and related products.

The site does the first step for you by getting visitors’ permission to market to them. From there, your website analytics can tell you a lot about each visitor so you can better sell to them through email, targeted ads, and other digital marketing strategies.

Nurture and Upsell

Besides increasing your conversions, a smart website redesign can help you to nurture the customers you already have and upsell customers just after conversion.

A website is a great way to nurture the customer base you’ve already established. To your customers, it can serve as a resource to answer their questions, educate them on a relevant topic, or suggest steps to take.

While it’s great to have a dedicated customer service team available to handle things like that, it’s also nice to be able to drive consumers back to your site. The website itself can reinforce your authority and brand potency.

You also can make the most out of each new customer by offering them upsells or product add-ons just before (or just after) checkout. While a paying customer might be a win in your book already, there’s more winning to acquire by implementing upsells.

Understand Your Market

Customers are the driving force of any business, and they deserve a high level of attention. A robust website can ensure your customers get the attention they deserve while also giving you a deeper understanding of your market.

Understandably, pinpointing the precise details of your audience can be challenging, especially without the data to support it. But, when you redesign your website with audience and analytics in mind, you can get data straight from your site. This data lets you better understand how they think, learn, make decisions, and behave.

Once you tap into that buyer persona, everything gets easier. You’ll be able to communicate with them more clearly, market to them more precisely, and fill their needs more accurately.

You’ll also be able to choose what kind of data you want to gather during the development stages. By carefully curating the pages, copy, CTA, and content that will generate the most useful data, you’ll get pinpointed information that will help your business to grow.

Boost Mobile Presence

A lot of old-school websites lack optimisation for mobile phones. A few years ago, that wasn’t a huge deal. Today, over half of all web traffic comes from mobile phones, whereas just 11 years ago, it was less than one percent.

Websites that don’t consider their mobile counterparts are missing out on a massive market of people browsing online with their Androids and iPhones. By implementing a website redesign that smoothly transitions into the mobile version, you can tap into that otherwise untouched market. From there, you can convert leads and grow your ROI.


Businesses are continually shifting and adapting as the economy changes. With all of these changes comes a need for a refreshed, renewed brand.

When you’re ready to create a new positioning for your brand, the development of a new website is a great way to initiate these changes. As visitors click over to your site, they’ll see the changes you’ve made to serve them better. They’ll see that your business is at the forefront of innovation, forward-thinking, and continuous improvement.

Rather than leaving the new brand reputation up to masses, you can control your revitalised messaging and branding from your website home-base.

Website Redesign: Go Beyond the Surface

A website redesign can do more for your business than update its looks. It can become a tool to achieve several business goals, including lead conversion, rebranding, industry leadership, and more. To learn more about how a new website could improve your business, set up a consultation with the site development experts at Roud Studio today.