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Flic Twist: the smart button improves control of living spaces with a minimalist touch

Written byAuthor avatar alex, founder & Designer at Roud
Product design typically serve as problem solver - to enhancing our daily routines by introducing experience-focused product innovations. The result, is to improve the way we go about our lives.

The idea of Twis is to establish an user-friendly button for managing smart home gadgets, that could be used by the entire family – the actions of pressing a button and turning a dial are very native and easy to understand. With this concept, the Flic Twist integrates these uncomplicated actions, enabling users to oversee their smart home technology to avoid voice commands, applications, or elaborate instructions. We can push and maintain the button while simultaneously twisting the 12-notch dial, enabling the configuration of as many as 12 distinct presets. 

Interaction with device can be achieved through two primary methods: by engaging the central button (push, double push, or hold), by rotating (twist), or by pushing the central button and twisting the dial.

Minimalistic design of Twist

We love to talk about design and how it fits into our lives, our living spaces or help us at work. Designers usually are the problem solvers that help to improve our day to day live routines by enhancing it through experience-focused product innovation.

Flic Twist is one of the products that we are excited to talk about. Their minimalist design eliminates experience concerns and is highly intuitive. Using durable polymer construction that shows us both form and function, we found this product as a perfect fit for most of the surfaces or interiors.

Design that fits any wall

The fresh Flic Twist operates wirelessly and can be placed anywhere in your apartment of office using one of those methods:

  • the wall mounting option – for affixing to a wall with screws;
  • the magnet mount (which sticks to any magnetic surface);
  • the sticker mount (utilising adhesive on the back of the Flic Twist);

The device has replaceable AA batteries with an estimated lifespan of up to two years, and it also accommodates rechargeable AA batteries, thereby lessening the necessity for disposable ones.

Control your house through the native touch

Flic Twist introduces a method of smart home control that’s universally comprehensible. It addresses the complexity of certain devices that can estrange users from smart home technology and helps to simplify their control. The fundamental design of the Flic Twist corresponds to its feature set, omitting various advanced functionalities such as:

  • Intelligent dimming, which adjusts dynamically to vibrant colour scenarios and various volume configurations
  • Scene blender, which helps you to pick the ideal ambiance from your preconfigured scenes
  • Control blind levels – effortlessly control blinds with a convenient and intuitive touch
  • Use the selector to trigger routines, set the music volume and much, much more

The list of compatibility is truly remarkable, encompassing platforms like IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, and devices such as Philips Hue, Lifx, Sonos, Ecobee, IKEA Trådfri, Alexa, and Chromecast and very soon, it will be available with Matter integration.