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Watch product photography at Roud studio

Written byAuthor avatar Dina, photographer at Roud
We love the distinct personality of the product. Everything is about details – time, style and confidence. It does more than express the idea of the brand – it starts real conversations.

You can say anything about watches, but without photos, people are left to their imaginations. In selling watches, the adage, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” applies.

Watch Photography

Product photography is a branch of photography that accurately and professionally represents a product for advertising purposes. Using product photography on a website can be a significant improvement because these photos are done by professionals who understand the procedure in taking a good picture.

When a watch product photography is done correctly, it will help to create a good impression and improve conversion rate.

Most of the visually stunning watches photography we done under studio conditions where our photographer has full creative control with the use of studio flashers and lights shapers. Each of these photos are done with professional photography equipment, which is the best way to create high quality, yet realistic images.

“Because a Picture is Worth a Thousand Online Sales”. Have you ever heard of this quote? In a different context maybe but the above sums up the importance of a beautifully captured product photo in e-commerce.

Product photos are essential for an online store. The difference between a poorly taken and professional-looking photo can make or break your online sales. Awesome product photos capture the attention of the shoppers. Looking at photographs can help them in matching the product to their expectations whether it is color, size, style or other qualities.

A good photograph boosts your brand. Acting as the product ambassador, it telegraphs your style quietly and efficiently. Whether your style is contemporary, kitschy or anything in between, the photos strengthen it and make it even more recognizable. An enticing picture can also give the competitive edge because it makes the product more appealing and captures prospective buyers.

Translating the art of watches to digital

A good watch photo takes much more than just a good camera and lenses. Here are some key points on how to make successful watch photography.

  1. Staging

It is the props and the background that adds a creative touch to your watch photography. It is essential to choose the things that complement the theme of your watch. If you have no props, choose a textured background to elevate the watch, a blue piece of material with a silver watch – will do a great job for example.

  1. Positioning

When lighting a watch, glare is not the best friend. The solution is pretty simple, move the watch to an angle where there is only a slight glare. Also, it is important to avoid getting other reflections.

  1. Lighting

We work with both lighting techniques – natural and studio lighting. Natural lighting is good and gives great reflection, but using studio light give you more control.

  1. Shooting with a professional camera

The details of the watches are intricate, the fonts, indices, logos, and hands are difficult to focus. Only professional camera gives greater depth to make everything looking crisp.

  1. Look for a photographer

When working on a project like these, you need a professional watch photographer. Your brand maybe flawless, your watch is sheer perfection and your business plan brilliant, but you need to hire a photographer to connect your product with the audience.