Digital experience for YouTube football stars - Skilltwins.

SkillTwins is a world-famous brand known for their amazing football skills. With over 8 million fans on social media – we knew that we had to create something spectacular and stand out from the crowd – and with the great challenge to combine a celebrity-brand with a ecommerce platform.


Modern website creation.

We created a strategy and vision together with SkillTwins in order to best promote and storytell their brand. As they are known for being packed with action, we knew that we had to create a website that represents that - lots of moving elements and a high-tech feeling.

Designed for touch.

Our navigational structure and designs are adapted properly for all types of devices, according to consumer's behavior and demands.

Product rendering.

As SkillTwins was releasing a brand new product that would revolutionize the freestyle market, we had to create photorealistic 3D renders of the product. This was easier said then done as it had to be of the same quality as rest of the website.

The “SkillWeek” in Sweden.

After the initial planning, we jumped on a plane to Sweden – brought RED-cameras and some more amazing equipment and started recording. As photos and videos would be the backbone of the entire website, we knew that it had to be of the absolute highest quality possible.
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We're so happy that we chose Roud Studio; they made our dream website become reality.
- SkillTwins

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