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There’s an easier way to sell your products than a slick sales pitch. With high-quality images that speak for themselves, your job gets that much easier. 


Photos provide your audience with instant information. Rather than read a long paragraph, they can learn mostly everything they need to know about your product just by looking at it. That is, if the photography is done well! While text can support your product imagery, it’s hard to sell without the images themselves.


You can reach out to your target customers through the visual power of photos using Roud Studio’s quality eCommerce photography services. 

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beauty photography
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The power behind eCommerce photography

There’s a science behind the role of eCommerce photography. Images conveyed through images have a more profound effect on your audience than text does—for several reasons. 


Since the human brain processes visual information at a much faster rate than text, it’s digesting all your photos have to offer within just a few seconds. Reading copy that conveys the same information could take twice as long (sometimes even longer).


Images also help consumers scan a page without feeling overwhelmed by text. Most people scan through a page rather than read each word at a time. They’re there to skim, and images make it that much easier for them.

ecommerce photography

Photography at Roud studio

eCommerce product photographs play an indispensable role in any online business.

Since your products are only being viewed and experienced by the customer after they’ve ordered it, it’s your job to convey to them just what to expect. 


Excellent eCommerce images can tell the story on your behalf. They bring the consumer in and give them the information they need to make a confident buying decision. 


The professional photography team at Roud Studio is on standby to help you create the eCommerce photos of your dreams.

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Why work with Roud studio?

We know you have options when it comes to professional photography. When you work with Roud Studio, you have access to a full suite of photographers, cameras, props, backgrounds, and lighting features necessary to getting the perfect shot.


Our expert team is the difference between okay photos and photos that sell. Each team member has rich experience and stays updated on the latest and greatest trends in marketing, eCommerce, and photography. Together, they create an unstoppable force.


We also use state-of-the-art equipment like lights, backdrops, and props. Whatever kind of product photography you’re looking to create, we have the resources to do so. The best product shots are taken indoors, in a controlled setting. For this reason, we always use our in-house professional photo studio that allows us full control over the final looks.


Finally, our photo editors have finely tuned their skills over years in the industry. They take raw images and make them even better, highlighting your product’s best features and ensuring there’s nothing that will take away from the value it provides.

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